Best Audi Ceramic Paint Protection

Which Ceramic Paint Protection is best?

Puchasing a brand new car is exciting, and probably one of the biggest investments you will make. So it is important to choose the right ceramic paint protection product to protect your car throughout its life!

We all hate seeing our cars look dirty, there is a sense of pride driving a clean shiny car especially one that looks brand new, so choosing the right ceramic paint protection is important to ensure it is durable and will continue to make your car look as good as new!

Best Ceramic Paint Protection for New Car Buyers?

There are many products on the market, Ceramic Pro however have over a decade of ceramic coating and surface protection research and development – putting them at the forefront ceramic coating technology. Now available in over 70 countries Ceramic Pro feature one of the Worlds most advanced research and development facilities. This level of world wide presence and manufacturing processes across many different industries is a testament to the quality of ceramic coating products they produce across the Automotive, Marine, Aviation and Industrial industries.

Ceramic Pro products such as the one for car paint protection has been tested and certified by SGS – The worlds largest testing and verification organisation!

There are many types of new car ceramic paint protection products on the market, diy coatings or those sold at dealerships generally have a low silica (ceramic) content and lack the durability of professional grade ceramic coatings (we really suggest doing your research on the product the car dealer is trying to sell you). Longevity will really depend on your maintenance, even though the paint protection coating will help keep the car cleaner for longer it is still important to wash the vehicle on a regular basis to keep it maintained.

A ceramic coating works as an additional protective layer ontop of your cars paint work – similar to a wax or paint sealant however more durable. A ceramic paint protection will bond permanently to the paint and can only be removed by abrasion.

The science behind the Ceramic Pro range of products is based around SiO2 formulations, this unique nano-ceramic composition features some fantastic benefits such as –

  • Protection from environmental fallout
  • Easy to clean
  • Stays cleaner for longer
  • High gloss shine
  • Hydrophobic (water repellant)
  • Prevents fading

Not only can the paint of you car be protected but almost any surface such as the cars Glass, Alloys, Fabric and Leather surfaces!

When it comes to protecting your new car in Sydney, there is no better option than Ceramic Pro. Our fully equipped workshop is conventiently located in Five Dock, NSW – just a short distance from CBD and the center of Sydney.

Ready to try the best Ceramic Paint Protection for your new car? Starting from $700.00 Inc GST!


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