Ceramic Coating New Car

Ceramic Coating A New Car

Ceramic Coating A New Car

In a perfect world, we would have spotless cars that don’t need constant cleaning and maintenance. They would look just like they were when bought from the assembly line. But we aren’t living in a perfect world, are we?  

So, once you buy a vehicle, it is subjected to external conditions that cause bird poo damage, UV fading, and paint stains. Luckily, with modern ceramic coatings it has given car owners a glimmer of hope as it helps them maintain the car and prevent it from acid rain, oxidation, tree sap, and more. 

While ceramic coatings won’t make your car bulletproof, it offers an extensive array of protection at a fair price. This blog post will look at ceramic coating benefits and how it is used on cars, along with any pros/cons. So read on if you’re curious to learn about ceramic coating a new vehicle.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a silica dioxide based coating used to create an invisible layer of protection on the outer surface of a car’s paint. The silica is mixed with ultra-durable compounds and active solvents made to permanently bond to your cars paint, giving your car an extra layer of protection without affecting the paintwork. 

Why Does Your Car Need Ceramic Coating?

Apart from the shine that comes with ceramic coatings, plenty of benefits add value to your car. Here are a few benefits of ceramic coating your car. 

Keeps your car cleaner

When a ceramic coating is applied to your car, it provides a smooth and even surface. So, water and dirt release from the surface easier, making it stay cleaner for longer and easier to clean. The silica compound used to make ceramic coatings are made so that particles cannot stick on their surface. So, if you notice dirt on a ceramic coated car, a simple wipe restores its shine to brand new. 

Protect your car paint

The silica compound that make up ceramic coating are strong and protect the car’s surface from damage. When debris or dirt comes in contact with the vehicle, it first lands on the ceramic coating and not the car’s paint. As a result, the coating can withstand a decent amount of damage without affecting the car’s underlying paint. 

It is also hydrophobic and has a layer that repels water. This means that any road grime when it rains simply rolls off the paint work.

It replaces wax

Car wax has long been used to give cars extra shine, but you don’t need it anymore. Ceramic coating provides the same brilliance and delivers twice the protection of car wax. Plus, you only need to apply ceramic coating once, and you’re good to go. 

Generally cost-effective 

Since ceramic coating lasts longer than alternatives such as car wax, it is generally cost effective in the long run. In addition, you don’t need to apply it several times in a year, and it does not wear off easily like car wax. 

Sun Protection

Yes, the ceramic coating has a protective layer preventing harmful UV rays and lengthens the life of your car’s paint. Most ceramic coatings have a UV rating, meaning they will avoid the chances of sun damage to the paint for a longer time than it would survive without it. 

Taking Care of Ceramic Coating 

People easily fall for the trick that ceramic coating replaces regular car cleaning- this is not true. Once ceramic coated, your car doesn’t automatically become immune to dirt and other pollutants. While driving, your car still collects dust, creating a tension surface slowing down water surface run-off. 

That said, you need to take care of your ceramic coated car to make it last for longer. Here are a few tips for maintaining your car’s ceramic coating. 

  • Wash your car regularly and gently by hand. Unless necessary, use only water and a microfiber cloth to clean your car. Avoid rugged clothes as they can scratch the surface of your car. 
  • Wash your car at least once per week or twice per month. This keeps the car-free from dust buildup. Don’t leave your car’s exterior completely dull to consider washing. Once the surface seems a bit less shiny, consider giving it a nice wash. 
  • If you must use a soap, make sure the soap is pH neutral.
  • Always dry your car immediately after washing it. A soft microfiber cloth will remove all the remaining drops of water and prevent the minerals in water from reacting with the ceramic coating. 
  • Find time once in a while to have your car detailed by professionals. They’ll do a thorough cleanup and work on the surfaces to ensure your coating stays for longer. 

Our Maintaining a Ceramic Coating guide provides a bit more insight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ceramic Coating 

How long do ceramic coatings last when properly applied?

Even though DIY ceramic coating products are known to last for about 2 years, a professionally applied ceramic coating can over 5 years. First, however, you need a car coating company that can do proper prep work and a pro-grade ceramic coating product such as Ceramic Pro.

How do you remove ceramic coating from a car?

Removing ceramic coating is hardly as easy as its application. However you should never need to remove the coating from your car as it will not visibly degrade over time.

What is a ceramic coating made of?

For a ceramic coating to make a protective surface layer, it must have the proper mix of ingredients. The main component used to make ceramic coating is silicon dioxide (SiO2). To make a good ceramic coating, it should be at least 60% of the total content. Other ingredients include activated solvents, polysilazane, titanium dioxide, and water. 

Final take…

If you need to add value to your new car, consider adding a layer of ceramic coating. It will protect the new paint job and prevent chipping and scratches. Why not consider Sydney’s top ceramic coating experts if you haven’t already? Contact Ceramic Pro Sydney to help you get the right paint protection option for your new vehicle. 


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