Hyundai Ceramic Coating

Hyundai Ceramic Coating

A vehicle is a significant investment, especially if it’s from one of the world’s best and most reliable automakers, like Hyundai. And like any other significant investment, you’ll want to protect your new car at all costs. You want your brand new Hyundai car to maintain its sleek and glossy appearance forever. Unfortunately, road grime, […]

Tesla Ceramic Coating

Purchasing a new Tesla Model 3, S, X or Y is an investment, and everyone wants to protect their investments. Tesla owners especially are passionate about protecting their unique vehicles. This leads to a commonly asked question – when it comes to a ceramic coating for a Tesla in Sydney, what is the best product […]

Mazda Ceramic Coating - Paint Protection

Mazda Paint Protection

Purchasing a brand new Mazda is exciting, it may be your first new car or maybe you’re a Mazda fan and you’ve owned many before. Either way you are no doubt keeping the car for many years to come and want to enjoy years of motoring fun. But owning a car in Sydney comes at […]

Audi Ceramic Coating

Audi Ceramic Paint Protection

Buying a new car is exciting, but buying a brand new Audi is just something else. The level of luxury, performance and styling makes you just want to drive. But driving and parking it outside on Sydney roads comes at a cost, you just spent all that money on your dream Audi so it deserves […]


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